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Tories Respond to Lib Dem Pressure

by Chris Lofts on 15 May, 2012

Conservative run South Northants Council (SNC) has given in to pressure from the
Liberal Democrats, who have been calling for the size of the council’s Cabinet to
be cut. The Council’s Leader made the surprise announcement at the annual
council meeting on Wednesday 9 May.
“On the face of it this is very good news.” Commented Liberal Democrat
Councillor Martin Johns: “SNC plan to cut the size of its Cabinet by two, down
from 8 to 6. As each Cabinet Member has an allowance of over £6,000 a year it
could mean a saving for local tax payers.”
Lib Dem Councillor Lisa Samiotis commented: “When we stood for election the Lib
Dems in Towcester made reducing the size of the Tory Cabinet one of our aims.
It’s brilliant that we have won the day on this.”
SNC has currently one of the largest Cabinets in Northamptonshire and bigger than
its larger partner council, Cherwell in Oxfordshire.
“We do need to be a cautious.” Observed Lib Dem Councillor Chris Lofts, stating:
“At the same time as cutting the size of its Cabinet, the Conservatives are floating
the idea of new posts for councillors, including so called ‘Champions’.”
Towcester Liberal Democrats will continue to ensure there is no additional costs on
hard pressed tax payers as a result of these developing proposals.

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