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County Council should help young people find work by funding travel costs

by Chris Lofts on 15 May, 2012

Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesman Councillor Chris Lofts is calling for Northamptonshire County Council to do more for local young unemployed people. Cllr Lofts has tabled a motion at the meeting of Full Council on Thursday asking for the administration to look into extending the concessionary fares scheme to young unemployed people to help them get to interviews and work placements.

Nationally Liberal Democrats have helped launch the Youth Contract as part of the coalition government’s pledge to reduce youth unemployment, a growing problem for a decade. The scheme opens up work experience and apprenticeships with a range of employers, and 3830 young people in Northamptonshire stand to benefit this year. Last year 4820 apprenticeships were created for young people in Northamptonshire.

Councillor Chris Lofts said that “Young unemployed people need every help they can get to put them on the first vital step to full time employment. Nationally I am very supportive of efforts of the Liberal Democrats to ensure every young person has the opportunity to earn or to learn. Youth unemployment has been rising for a decade, and Labour’s legacy of debt has made the challenge even harder.”

“Locally there is much more that we can do. Cuts by the Conservatives to Connexions, and in previous years to the youth service, have made things even tougher for young people in Northamptonshire. Add to that the fact that in rural parts of Northamptonshire there are few local employers, meaning that young people need to travel to interviews in the urban centres, it is clear that we must do more. I am calling for the Conservatives at County Hall to extend the elderly and disabled bus pass scheme to cover young unemployed residents so they can travel to low paid work experience or apprenticeships.”

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